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GTS56/3 – 17.5

Offering higher Kingpin loads on heavier tractors.

As payload requirement increases, the King GTS56 allows operators to utilise the higher Kingpin loads on heavier tractors whilst still offering a 33 tonne bogie capacity on 17.5” tyres, keeping deck height to a minimum.

Gross Trailer Weight
Gross Trailer Weight - Design56,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 56mph (90kph)44,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 40mph (64kph)56,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 25mph (40kph)56,000kg
Axle Capacity
Axle Capacity - Design11,000kg
Axle Capacity - 56mph (90kph)8,000kg
Axle Capacity - 40mph (64kph)11,000kg
Axle Capacity - 25mph (40kph)11,000kg
Kingpin Loading
Kingpin Loading - Design*23,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 56mph (90kph)*23,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 40mph (64kph)*23,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 25mph (40kph)*23,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight
Approx. Tare Weight - Design**10,750kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 56mph (90kph)**10,750kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 40mph (64kph)**10,750kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 25mph (40kph)**10,750kg
Approx. Payload
Approx. Payload - Design**N/A
Approx. Payload - 56mph (90kph)**33,250kg
Approx. Payload - 40mph (64kph)**45,250kg
Approx. Payload - 25mph (40kph)**45,250kg

* Kingpin loading dependant on tractor unit weight.

** Tare weight and payload vary depending on options supplied.

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