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GTS44/3 – 17.5

The King of the 3 axle stepframe market.

The King Gts44 is the most popular stepframe trailer in its class and has evolved over many years to become the standard workhouse is numerous fleets. Its versatility allows it to suit a multitude of operators running within C&U and STGO CAT 1&2 weight limits making it the ultimate 3 axle trailer.

Gross Trailer Weight
Gross Trailer Weight - Design44,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 56mph (90kph)38,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 40mph (64kph)44,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 25mph (40kph)44,000kg
Axle Capacity
Axle Capacity - Design10,000kg
Axle Capacity - 56mph (90kph)8,000kg
Axle Capacity - 40mph (64kph)10,000kg
Axle Capacity - 25mph (40kph)10,000kg
Kingpin Loading
Kingpin Loading - Design*14,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 56mph (90kph)*14,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 40mph (64kph)*14,000kg
Kingpin Loading - 25mph (40kph)*14,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight
Approx. Tare Weight - Design**8,450kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 56mph (90kph)**8,450kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 40mph (64kph)**8,450kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 25mph (40kph)**8,450kg
Approx. Payload
Approx. Payload - Design**N/A
Approx. Payload - 56mph (90kph)**29,550kg
Approx. Payload - 40mph (64kph)**35,550kg
Approx. Payload - 25mph (40kph)**35,550kg

* Kingpin loading dependant on tractor unit weight.

** Tare weight and payload vary depending on options supplied.

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