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For the transship of containers weighing up to 35 tonnes.

Model STK35 can transship containers weighing up to 35 tonnes and depending on the configuration of the trailer, can carry containers weighing up to 22 tonne on European roads. The transshipping process takes less than five minutes from road to rail and vice-versa. As the Swing Thru has a low ground pressure impact, it can operate on unprepared surfaces such as hardcore or ballast, thus eliminating the high infrastructure costs involved to reinforced yards needed to operate forklifts and reach-stackers.

Approx. Tare Weight
Approx. Tare Weight - Design**12,900kg
Lifting Capacity35,000kg
Container Size (ft)1x 20 - 2x 20
Stabilisation LegsHydraulic -1x 30 - 1x 40 - 1x 45
Method of MountingTrailer Mounted

* Kingpin loading dependant on tractor unit weight.

** Tare weight and payload vary depending on options supplied.

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