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GTLE93/4HS – 19.5

For carrying awkward loads whilst ensuring the best possible axle weight distribution.

An extending deck version of the GTL range for carrying the most awkward loads and ensuring the best possible axle weight distribution. The new generation King GTLE range includes a completely re-designed neck with many features that speeds loading, minimises driver training and generally reduces operator costs. Built to maximise loading opportunities with UK STGO operating weights this trailer comes fully equipped and ready for work.

Gross Trailer Weight
Gross Trailer Weight - Design93,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 40mph (64kph)72,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - 12mph (20kph)93,000kg
Axle Capacity
Axle Capacity - Design15,000kg
Axle Capacity - 40mph (64kph)13,350kg
Axle Capacity - 12mph (20kph)15,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight
Approx. Tare Weight - Design**33,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 40mph (64kph)**33,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight - 12mph (20kph)**33,000kg
Towing Eye Imposed Load
Towing Eye Imposed Load - Design21,800kg
Towing Eye Imposed Load - 40mph (64kph)21,800kg
Towing Eye Imposed Load - 12mph (20kph)21,800kg
Approx. Payload
Approx. Payload - Design**N/A
Approx. Payload - 40mph (64kph)**50,200kg
Approx. Payload - 12mph (20kph)**71,200kg

* Kingpin loading dependant on tractor unit weight.

** Tare weight and payload vary depending on options supplied.

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