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A close coupled Plant drawbar trailer.

King Plant Drawbars come with the same features as the UK’s most popular plant semi-trailer. With drawbar operations much more attention needs to be paid to load distribution and Kings extensive experience of trailer build can help you ensure that those loads you wish to carry are possible.

Gross Trailer Weight
Gross Trailer Weight - Design24,000kg
Gross Trailer Weight - C&U24,000kg
Axle Capacity
Axle Capacity - Design9,000kg
Axle Capacity - C&U8,000kg
Approx. Tare Weight
Approx. Tare Weight - Design**6,380kg
Approx. Tare Weight - C&U**6,380kg
Approx. Payload
Approx. Payload - Design**17,620kg
Approx. Payload - C&U**17,620kg

* Kingpin loading dependant on tractor unit weight.

** Tare weight and payload vary depending on options supplied.

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